Materials for Health

Health risks include diseases we suffer and environmental stresses we experience due to climate change, air pollution, and emergent airborne, water- and food-borne infectious diseases. We are interested in design of wearables and point-of-care biosensors for early detection and prevention. We develop novel drug delivery methods, wound dressing adhesives, regenerative medicine, and flexible electronics for long-lasting effects and adherence. We design shape conforming and shape transforming devices that can improve user/patient experience. At the fundamental level, we create responsive scaffolds to probe, direct and alter differentiation of cells and organoids to understand their biomechanics and mechanisms for disease prevention and treatment.


Cho, Hyesung†; Wu, Gaoxiang†; Jolly, Jason Christopher†; Fortoul, Nicole; He, Zhenping; Gao, Yuchong;Jagota, Anand*; and Yang, Shu*, “Intrinsically Reversible Superglues via Shape Adaptation Inspired by Snail Epiphragm”, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA, 2019, 116 (28), 13774–13779. (†: equal contribution) DOI. News


CHOP 2021 mask seal image McGann, Carolyn M. †; Lee, Young-Joo†; Kim, Se-Um†; Weinberg, Danielle D.†; Zha, Xincheng; Huber, Matthew; Hast, Michael W.; Dear, Kayley; Nadkarni, Vinay; Foglia, Elizabeth E.*; Yang, Shu*,“Reverse-engineered Highly Conformable, Leak and Pressure Reducing Cushion for Neonatal Resuscitation Mask”, Adv. Mater. Tech. 2021, 210136. (†: equal contribution) DOI