Cut or No Cut: Algorithm for 2D-to-3D Engineering Integrates Art, Nature and Science

The team’s work takes inspiration from kirigami, an East Asian papercutting art, to create a mathematically sound method of cutting …
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An adhesive bandage not only bonds tightly but also releases quickly.

Most adhesives for wound dressings have either been too weak to keep wounds sealed, or too strong to be painlessly …
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Turning Buildings into Carbon Storage Structures

The University of Pennsylvania will receive $2.4M in funding from the US Department of Energy Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) …
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Making Faces (red) graphic

Universal inverse design of surfaces with thin nematic elastomer sheets

The Yang lab and collaborators transform a two-dimension sheets made from liquid crystal elastomers into complex three-dimensional geometries, such as …
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Zheng-2020-AMTech-UV responsive fabric

Wearable UV Indicators from Photochromic Fibers and Yarns

Wearable sensors allow for continuous and real-time monitoring of the human health and potential environmental hazards such as ultraviolet (UV) …
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Liu-2020-Trends in Chemistry

Responsive and Foldable Soft Materials

Stimulus-responsive soft materials that can enable folding of a 2D sheet into a 3D object have potential significant applications, including …
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Smart window

Smart windows

Commonplace as they are, windows are an important piece of technology. Beyond architectural aesthetics, a building’s ecological footprint depends heavily …
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Cho 2019 PNAS snail image

Intrinsically Reversible Superglues via Shape Adaptation Inspired by Snail Epiphragm

We often meet with this dilemma: material’s adhesion could be strong but not reversible, or it is reversible but not …
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Liu & Gao-2020-Adv intelligent sys image

Soft Robots using Muscle-like Composite Actuators

Liquid crystal elastomers (LCEs), known for their reversible and anisotropic deformation, are promising candidates as embedded intelligent actuators in soft …
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multiple molecules graphic

Molecular heterogeneity drives reconfigurable nematic liquid crystal drops

Liquid crystals are composed of rod- or disc-like molecules called mesogens, and, as a result of the alignment of these …
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2021 Nat Mater broadband camouflage image

Broadband and Pixelated Camouflage by Exploiting Large Poisson Effect in Main-Chain Chiral Nematic Liquid Crystalline Elastomers

Inspired by cephalopod’s skin, the Yang lab creates an artificial chromatophore that can change colors instantly—from near-infrared to visible to …
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