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The Yang lab is uniquely at the intersection of multi-materials synthesis, nano-/microfabrication, and device processing backed by depth in understanding of physical, mechanical and biological principles. Her lab addresses the fundamental questions centered around surface/interface, actuation mechanisms, and structure-property relationship.

Through directed assembly of oligomers, polymers, colloids, liquid crystals, amphiphiles, and their composites across nano- to macroscales, the Yang lab creates complex, multi-functional nano- and microstructures with unique surface, optical, and mechanical properties for relevant and societally impactful applications, including coatings (e.g. superhydrophobic, superamphiphobic, underwater superoleophobic, structural colored), dry and wet and reversible adhesives, smart windows, displays, (bio)sensors, robotics, biomedical devices, and wearables for a better world.

Our research focuses several topics with rich and overlapping interests, in collaboration with researchers across schools and across institutions.