Cut or No Cut: Algorithm for 2D-to-3D Engineering Integrates Art, Nature and Science

The team’s work takes inspiration from kirigami, an East Asian papercutting art, to create a mathematically sound method of cutting …
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An adhesive bandage not only bonds tightly but also releases quickly.

Most adhesives for wound dressings have either been too weak to keep wounds sealed, or too strong to be painlessly …
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Turning Buildings into Carbon Storage Structures

The University of Pennsylvania will receive $2.4M in funding from the US Department of Energy Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) …
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Twisted liquid crystal elastomer ribbon

Twisted Soft Robots Navigate Mazes Autonomously

Autonomy is crucial for soft robotics that are constructed of soft materials. It remains challenging to create autonomous soft robots …
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2021 Nat Mater broadband camouflage image

Pixelated Broadband Camouflage

Shu Yang of the School of Engineering and Applied Science has developed an artificial chromatophore that can change colors on …
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Threading high-performance, self-morphing building blocks across scales toward a sustainable future

Inspired by biological structural materials, Yang, Liang Feng (Penn Engineering, MSE) and Masoud Akbarzadeh (PennDesign, Architecture) have received $4.6M grant from National Science Foundation …
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Doctor & nurse wearing origami maks

Open Medical (Our action to combat with COVID-19)

A team of medical device developers have come together to create a new respirator design to address the shortage of …
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multiple molecules graphic

Drops of liquid crystal molecules branch out into strange structures

Researchers made a variety of shapes, including flowers (center) and corals. By changing the ratio of long- to short- rod-like …
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Yang on Reducing Energy Use with Building Skins

Reducing Energy Use with Building Skins

In the heavily regulated building sector, innovative materials face a major disadvantage: building codes. For this reason, and because climate …
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Snail on tree trunk

Superstrong, Reversible Adhesive That Works Like Snail Slime

A new study demonstrates a strong, reversible adhesive that uses the same mechanisms of adhesion as snails. When wet, the …
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Emily Spencer and Gray DeSimone

Team Kirigami Won the 1st Place in Penn Engineering Senior Design Competition

Congrats to Emily Spencer and Gray DeSimone who won the 1st place in the Penn Engineering wide senior design competition …
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Powering the Future with Giant Clams graphic

Powering the Future with Giant Clams

In 2014, Shu Yang, of the Materials Science and Engineering, joined School of Arts and Sciences’ biophysicist Alison Sweeney on …
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Making Faces (red) graphic

Making Complex 3-D Surfaces with 2-D Sheets

Jiffy pop, an aluminum foil pan full of popcorn kernels and oil, is a staple of camping trips. Because of …
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Making Atomic Thin Sheets Stand up for Better Energy Storage graphic

Making Atomic thin sheets stand up for better energy storage

When it comes to cell phones, there are fewer things more frustrating than a short battery life. Researchers at the …
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Mimicking Giant Clams to Enhance the Production of Biofuel graphic

Mimicking Giant Clams to Enhance the Production of Biofuel

Alison Sweeney of the University of Pennsylvania has been studying giant clams. She refer to the clams as “solar transformers” …
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Creating Ultra-lightweight Materials That Expand With Heat

Creating Ultra-lightweight Materials That Expand With Heat

When it comes to taking up room without adding too much weight, the bubble can’t be beat. Because they are …
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Ge 2017 PNAS butterfly graphic

Surprising Insights Into the White Spots on Butterfly Wings

A collaboration between biologists and materials scientists at the University of Pennsylvania is yielding new insights into the wings of …
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Nano shirt

Nanotech garment will gather health information through sweat

Wearable technology requires materials that are both flexible and functional, so developers often look to polymers or to make harder …
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Color changing crystal

Penn Engineers Design Material That Could Help Diagnose Concussions

The precise link between concussions in sports, especially at the youth level, and traumatic brain injurie by soldiers is still …
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Smart window

Penn Research Team Develops ‘Smart’ Window

Commonplace as they are, windows are an important piece of technology. Beyond architectural aesthetics, a building’s ecological footprint depends heavily …
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